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Hello and Welcome, We're pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you in our shop. First a little bit about us ... We're a group (German / American) based in the Middle East, registered in the United States (since 1994) and now also in Germany, and we're here to serve you. We are enthusiastic Orientalists and are excited about bringing to you the most interesting and beautiful items from the Middle East for the best price possible. Our house is your house, your input is very important to us. Our editor would be delighted to hear your ideas and wishes. Drop us an email to sales at If you're not familiar with some of the articles in our shop, we have a Glossary of terms. If you're looking for a special article, or have questions or suggestions about any of our items, we're listening. Put our banner on your site and receive a special gift. Copy and paste the following code: <a href=""> <img src=""></a> Then drop us a short email to let us know where you've put us! If you run into any technical problems, broken links, etc., we would appreciate it if you would let our computer kid know.

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